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if sansa or arya dies i kid you not i will throw the entire asoiaf series down into a burning pit and then i’ll throw myself in there too and i will rise, unburnt, with the first three dragons the world has seen for hundreds of years feeding off my breasts and when my dragons are grown we will lay waste to books and burn grrm to the ground

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"Happiness in stories at most is a couple lines at the end. It’s boring."


- Drosselmeyer

I actually love this quote because it represents a cynical philosophy on storytelling (and life) that his own characters prove wrong.

Princess Tutu’s many layers of meta, and the story’s commentary on stories themselves, is my favourite thing about it. Drosselmeyer’s characters, and by extension, the narrative itself, show that a happy ending is not simple and uninteresting. It’s a common belief today, that in storytelling, darkness and tragedy equals depth and maturity.

However, all the main characters in Princess Tutu faced harsh realities, struggled with their identities, and made sacrifices. They ultimately defined their own identities, and found hope in a bleak situation. They worked hard for their happiness. And that is profound storytelling. 

Princess Tutu says that hope is something that should be celebrated in storytelling, and life. 

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"if you’re not a boy or a girl what are you"


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